Black charless Goldring –A small Biography


Blake Goldring from Torontojoined the company much later than his father did as he was working as the honorary colonel of the Royal Regiment of Canada, an esteemed and well known regiment of the country. After taking voluntary retirement from the regiment he didn’t stopped serving the army and he started a new Goldring venture called Canada Company which helped in easy transition of retired army personnel to a civilian life. The first criteria to get a job is your certificate of retirement from the Canadian Army. He is today serving as a Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of AGF Management Limited, a premier independent investment management company with operations in Canada, the United States, Europe and Asia.

Headquartered in Toronto Blake had a tough journey ahead as at the time when he joined the company , a recession dripped in the year 2007-08 and took every company irrelative of the business into loss. However today he has led the growth of the company to $34 million Canadian dollars. He holds an honors degree in Economics from the University of Toronto and have pursued Masters in Business Administration from INSEAD in France. He had held a series of senior positions before being appointed President in 1997, CEO in 2000, and Chairman in 2006. Prior to that, he worked in corporate banking for a major Canadian bank. He served as a Chartered Financial Analyst for a reputed company in Canada. His dedication towards the work and finance had earned him a membership of the Toronto Society of Financial Analysts and a Fellow of the Institute of Canadian Bankers.

He serves many private and charitable organization which work for the betterment of the career of the Canadian Military. In recognition of his dedication and leadership to strengthening the important bridge between the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) and Canadian society, the CDA Institute named him the 2014 VIMY Award recipient. In the year 2012, Blake Goldring Toronto was recognized by the women of Influence group as Canadian Diversity Champion. Women of Influence is an organization which is dedicated to the recognition of efforts and professional accomplishments of Senior Executive women in entire States and Canada. Blake lives with his wife Belinda and three children (all daughters) in Toronto. He enjoys time out with the family. He spends most of his time with his family playing golf, tennis and Bowling. Fishing his is leisure activity which he never misses on a casual weekend.

Stepping on the footprints of his father and forefather Mr. Blake Goldring Toronto is a premium example of a person who had shifted his career and grew in the field which he had studied about and thankfully succeeded. This is what we call being a perfectionist. His team mates don’t leave a chance to praise him for his professionalism and clear thoughts. He is a perfect example of dedication and success in today’s era. Today he is reached the unimaginable level and growing faster than anyone can think of.