Best Finance Apps You Could Use for Efficiency & Convenience


A host of finance apps is available today that could make your financial life more efficient and easy. Most of these apps are supposed to be free or they come at an extremely low cost. So, if you choose to use one app but later on, come across another more interesting app, you are free to switch over to another much-preferred app without involving any monetary loss. Choosing an app is the best way to manage your finances. The iPhone apps are known to cover every aspect of your financial life right from fundamentals of budgeting to the most specialized management of your investments. Here are some of the most popular finance apps of 2016.


This is one of the most frequently downloaded and used apps. It requires its users to register an account at, after which they are free to access all content and functionality. It is great for tracking every aspect of your personal finances and can integrate seamlessly with each of your accounts. Once the initial setup is done, it will keep track of the income and expenditure and also let you know how you are faring against a budget you had set for the week or the month. It has provisions for you to categorize all types of spending and also impose budget limits on certain categories. It also has the option of generating appealing graphs to present your data in a palatable format.


This is easily one of the most popular finance apps on the iPhone and allows a painless, simple and intuitive way to invest small amounts in ETFs by simply using spare change. Just like you save spare change from every transaction in a piggy bank, the app monitors your purchases, rounds them to the nearest dollar and invests the change, usually just a few cents into any ETF portfolio of your choice. You get to keep track of all your investments and can invest anywhere in between $1500-$2500 at the end of the year without any of the hassle involved.


This is a frequently used mobile app and comes free. This app is used for keeping track of all your consumer debts and this helps you to become debt-free.The mobile version of this app integrates seamlessly with even their Web platform and provides the benefit of all the features. Once all your bank accounts, credit cards, and even the loan information are linked, you would be getting the complete status of your debts that comes in an intuitive chart-form and would be determining a precise debt payoff date.

This app also lets you make payments, examine your credit score, and even receive email alerts every time a milestone is reached. You could constantly see your monthly and even daily progress thanks to the innovative chart-tracker that would be keeping you informed about the amount you managed to save over time in terms of interest. This app would help you become debt-free. Moreover, you could browse through debt settlement reviews online for a clear picture on debt relief options.

Level Money: Financial GPS

Level Money claims to be the financial GPS. This app is able to detect, deposit and expense in linked accounts with an aim to allow users to have complete financial control. This app has been designed for the so-called budget-averse millennials. Level Money effectively automates the entire process of categorization of transactions.

Personal Capital

Personal Capital is actually an excellent app that tracks all your investment and personal financial accounts altogether in one single place. This assists you in getting a quick and comprehensive picture of your financial status at any time. This app boasts of a fantastic feature called the fee analyzer. This app is used for tracking the fees that are being paid by you on your 401(k) and all your other investment accounts. Personal Capital also boasts of a wonderful asset allocation tool which demonstrates clearly in a simple chart format, exactly what percentage of all your investments you have presently allocated to fixed-income investments, equity investments or some other asset classes.


If you want to manage your money smartly, then open your smartphone and download some or all of these apps today. You will be able to control your expenses and live a debt free life.

Author Bio: Jeff Bennett is a top financial consultant at a private firm in New York. He has worked extensively to alleviate issues related to debt and bankruptcy for several clients and SMEs in the past. Nowadays, he writes debt settlement reviews and a number of other articles for a financial blog.