An Athlete by Heart Inspired to Design Athletic Attire


“Achieving success through the viable alignment of individual and organizational goals and ethics is what I and my team believes in presidency over the leadership.” – Chip Wilson, Founder Hold It All Inc.

Chip Wilson is a Canadian-based Entrepreneur, philanthropist, Businessman, Retail Visionary, and Technical Apparel. He’s known as a founder of the yoga-inspired Apparel Company, Lululemon Athletica.

Wilson is considered as a wide innovator in the clothing field and the retail category has increased to $ 100 billion in a year on a global scale. In the year 2016, Wilson structured his passion into a business and started the company called Hold It All Inc.

How did it start?

Born in 1956, Dennis J. Chip Wilson completed his graduation, the University of Calgary in Economics in the year 1980. The passion for designing the fabrics in innovative way started from his mother and she was a seamstress.

Wilson’s first campaign in came into existence in a yoga class in the year 1997 and called eureka moment. He was actually inspired by women clothing in his yoga classes and observed women keenly. This observation turned him to research more on the athletic clothing and later he succeed in designing the well-fitted athletic attire that’s specially designed for women.

In the year 2004, Ernst & Young named Wilson as Canadian Entrepreneur for his achievements in the field of Marketing and Innovation. He was also ranked as a 401st wealthiest man in the world and 10th in Canada with the estimation of net worth $ 3 billion in the year 2013 by Forbes.

His moves in clothing world

Wilson started the first clothing company in the year 1979, Westbeach Snowboard Ltd. This company sold the attire that is suitable for skating, surfing, and also snowboard marketers.

He sold Westbeach and established Lululemon Athletica Inc. in the year 1998 and the first stored was started in early 1999 in Vancouver. The pants were recognized with a stylized A that resembles like a curvy horseshoe logo, which was spotted below the waist.

Chip branded a cultural shift to gain the popularity of yoga and his broader social impact in teaching. His dream is to combine the designs and technical fabrics that are required for yoga in style. This passion further grew into business interest and launched Hold It All Inc. in 2016.

Wilson took retirement as chief officer for innovation and branding in 2012, but he was termed as chairman of the board of directors. He quit his responsibilities as chairman in the year 2013 and grew his concerns toward Lululemon and considered as largest and leading individual shareholder

Wilson contributed his thoughts and ideas with TEDxVancouver and launched “building legacy in a digital age.” In 2015, he resigned his position from the Lululemon’s Directorial board stating that he has achieved his goals and it’s the right time to step down from the board leaving a talented team behind.

Current status

Wilson’s wife who is much interested in designing clothes started to work on the special fabric and named it as technical cashmere and also served Lululemon Company as a founding designer. At present, Chip Wilson is working as an advisor for Kit and Ace, which is a creation of his wife Shannon Wilson and son that trades washable cashmere attires.