A Quick Guide To Select Diamond Tools For Different Industries


Diamond tools possess many unique benefits.  Diamond is an exceptionally hard material and hence has many different advantages when compared to silicon carbide, corundum, and other abrasives. For instance, the advantages that the diamond grinding tool offers include:

  • The least grinding force with the highest efficiency- The Diamond grinding tools are very energy efficient as they can make the hole in the least of energy consumption. As the cracks and burns get reduced, the desired surface is produced.
  • Best-in-class wear resistance- The grinding diamond tools consisting of diamond undergo very small or least dimensional changes over a period of time. The tools maintain their grinding precision as well as grinding quality over a period of time.
  • Longer life- While the grinding tools made of diamond can be very efficient and reduce the need of labour, they hold on to their build quality, features, and are used for a much longer time period.
  • Reduced cost of processing- The Diamond tools provide for lower operational cost as the processing can be done at a reduced price.

Uses of Diamond Tools, Equipment, And Machinery

The diamond tools suppliers provide the diamond tools for many different applications including sawing, drilling, grinding, polishing, machinery, and offer other specialised products as well. Diamond tools suppliers provide these products at a very affordable price and their offerings are used in wide variety of Industrial and other segments. Diamond tool products and machinery are used in:

  • Geological exploration
  • Construction
  • Stone processing
  • Auto spare parts processing
  • Woodworking
  • Processing of home appliances and it products
  • Processing of the carbide and other mechanical tools

The most popular Diamond Tools provided and supplied by the suppliers

Today Diamond tools are sold in many different forms and these products are valuable in many different industries. Some of the most popular tools using diamond in their built are given below.

  • The Diamond dressers: The Diamond dressers can be used for dressing and truing the grinding wheels. Diamond dressers are today offered in many different types by the diamond tool suppliers, including the Disk/Crown/Blade/Grit and other types. The blade of the dresser has the elongated diamonds.
  • Polycrystalline Diamond or PCD cutting tools: The PCD tool is formed by combining and sintering the particles of the diamond through the use of a metallic binder. This joining process is carried out at very high pressure and temperature so that a very potent abrasion resistant tool that has the best hardness and can be used towards extreme cutting tasks can be created.
  • The PDC or Polycrystalline Diamond Compact: The PDC is potent enough to cut even through the hard rock surfaces, and can be used in the harshest of environments.
  • The Diamond Saw Blade: The saw blades consisting of diamond are available in many different varieties today. These include the bridge saw, the Diamond grinder, the “walk behind” saw, tile saw, table saws and others.

Many other and different kinds of Diamond tools can be used today towards industrial purposes and these are provided by the Diamond suppliers in Australia at nominal costs. Reach out to a diamond tool supplier now to increase your productivity, achieve greater ROI or return-on-investments and create more qualitatively improved products.