A Checklist for a Successful Outdoor Event


Outdoor events can be risky at the best of times, and if the event happens to be in the UK, then rain is always a very real possibility. One can try to reduce the odds of a wet event by choosing certain months, but as anyone will tell you, it can rain all year round in the British Isles, but with some careful planning and a Plan B rain plan, most outdoor events go off without a hitch. If you are soon to be burdened with the responsibility of organising such an event, here is a checklist to ensure success.

  • The Venue – Don’t just settle for anything, and the ideal venue would tick all the boxes. Adequate parking, sufficient cover, and above all, the facilities you need. Some event planners hire everything and the event takes place in a field, while others prefer to hire a hotel that has excellent indoor and outdoor facilities, and as the hotel is experienced at hosting events, they would have all the equipment you need.
  • Adequate Basic Facilities – Wherever large groups of people gather, one must consider toilet facilities, and whether you are looking for event toilet hire in Leeds, or any other UK city, an online search would reveal the contact details of the perfect hire company. You might want to think about hiring a VIR toilet-shower unit or two if the guests are your customers, and with portable toilets, you can easily line up as many as you need, and with larger events, you would need to have them at multiple locations.
  • Media Equipment – If you are using a hotel or resort for the venue, you won’t have to worry about the media equipment. They would have large projectors, wireless microphones and suitable lighting, and along with the obvious catering resources a hotel would have, the catering is also handled.
  • Parking – This cannot be overlooked, and with most of the guests arriving by car, you will need to crunch the numbers to get a good idea of the number of vehicles to accommodate, and plan the parking with this figure in mind. You should have a car park marshal to prevent double parking or any confusion about driving direction.
  • The Entertainment – This is perhaps the most important sector of the event, at least from the organiser’s perspective. If you have live performers, it is wise to check in advance that they are happy with the sound arrangements and have no special needs, and any pre-recorded music would need to be readied, and a backup copy created, just in case. The entertainment schedule needs to be timed, and with regular intermissions, the guests will not lose interest, and ensure that the material is suitable for the audience.

As the event planner, you need to have a lot of lists handy, which would include the contact numbers of all the services you have hired, and if the unplanned happens, you will have to think outside the box and overcome the obstacle.