A Basic Guide to Vaping


Smoking is an extremely harmful habit that affects millions of people around the world. Each year, hundreds of thousands of people die as a result of smoking. Tobacco is terribly harmful to the lungs. It deposits a sort of black tar on the lungs which affects their ability to function properly. The nervous system continues to break down, and your overall health also suffers. So why do people who know how harmful smoking is still continue to do it? Nicotine, one of the more addictive substances found in a cigarette, addles the brain and makes it dependent on the substance. The addiction to nicotine is one of the main reasons why people who smoke regularly often have difficulty letting go so quickly.

However, over the past several years, a number of private organisations and agencies have begun to spread awareness about the harmful effects of smoking. They have set up rehabilitation and treatment centres around the globe to help those who can’t live without smoking. With all the negative propaganda against smoking, people began looking for alternatives. Nicotine patches were obviously not enough. Thus, the electronic cigarette was introduced. E-cigs were first released back in 2001, though they were quickly rejected. However, with the passing of time, companies began to release a variety of new variants, and e-cigs continued to rise in popularity.

The Product

A standard e-cig is made up of several components. The most common e-cig makes use of a battery, a clearomiser/cartomiser or an electrical coil, and an e-liquid. The components are fairly easy to assemble, and most of them have a simple screw-on system that connects together. Every time you inhale on the e-cig, the battery sends a charge to the coil or clearomiser, which releases the vapour from the e-liquid. The prices of a standard e-cig start at around £30 and can go as high as £150 depending upon the kit.


E-cigs offer a variety of different benefits as compared to ordinary cigarettes. One of the biggest benefits of an e-cig is that you can customise it in a hundred different ways. You can decide the power of the coil, the size of the battery, and even choose from hundreds of different e-liquids as well. There’s really no limit to the level of customisation with an e-cig.


Apart from being highly customisable, e-cigs offer a plethora of other benefits. For chain smokers who are looking to save money, e-cigs are considerably more affordable. Since there’s no burning of tobacco, e-cigs don’t release smoke, so you don’t need to worry about smoking in public places either. E-cigs are now widely available through a host of different stores. You can purchase e-cigs online, as well, along with a host of accessories. You can customise the e-cig any way you like by purchasing different components and experimenting with them