5 Ways for Small Businesses to Dominate Local Markets


Improve your Online Presence

The proliferation of the internet and the digitalisation of retailers means that almost forty percent of customers are known to do online research on products and services before they commit to buying – even if the product is in a physical location. The best thing you as a small business can do in this case is build up your own online presence as much as you can, be it through sites, social media, review sites, the works. Make sure your business is the one which is spoken about in your area.

Improve your Local SEO.

To generate more traffic for your business, you should spend time on generating SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, and refers to the practice of using specific keywords as a means of drawing attention. How it works is that the keywords are latched onto by Google when someone does a search with those keywords, with the result that the site which has used the SEO is higher up in the search engine results. Being higher up means that the site itself becomes more visible, particularly when we take into account the fact that most people do not venture beyond the first page of results. The higher the better as far as SEO goes.

This would be a particularly good move as Google is currently prioritising SEO services, so any moves done with SEO now would lead to small businesses dominating their market, if done correctly.

Increase Online Reviews

Online reviews are crucial to a successful online business in the twenty first century, as this is how businesses build reputation, and online businesses live and die by their reputation. Reviews also help to build your prominence in search engines, so to have proper domination of a market requires good reviews in as many places as possible, social media platforms as well as the review sites and your own online presences.

Use Email Marketing.

This is a task which could easily be carried out by small business tech services if necessary. Use email marketing to keep yourself in the eyes of the local market – don’t let them forget about you! Email is also useful in that it is inherently flexible, current customers are obviously easiest to work with, but past ones can also be contacted by using their information if it is still stored in your systems.

Email marketing is something which is quite easy to work with anyway, but there are also various mailing clients which can be used to send one email or letter out to everyone on the list simultaneously.

Target Paid Local Results

Rather than simply relying on your online presence to move the business up the search rankings, try using paid local searches. This will ensure that you appear right at the top of all searches done with the particular keywords you want to work with. PPC marketing is particularly popular right now, with its own emphasis on using a variety of searches to gain maximum visibility.