4 Reasons to Switch to an RTI Payroll System


The great difference between making a good decision and making the wrong decision, is all down to information and data. Payroll data is one such way to attain correct and useful information and to be able to turn that data into something useful that the company can benefit from. This information can greatly benefit payroll itself, human resources and other professionals. If you are the person who is ultimately responsible for doing the payroll, then you can use the information offered by payroll data to make important decisions about employees, including compensation owed in terms of pensions, days off and holidays and it helps you to better understand the employees.

Having a real time information payroll (RTI) offers a strong online payroll system, but getting a free RTI payroll is an added bonus that no company should turn away from. There are many benefits to such a system and we will look at some of them here.

  1. Helps You To Understand Your Business More – As mentioned, the relevant data helps you to make better informed decisions and it takes away all of the guess work. If you are aware of the employee staff turnover rates, then you can take action by talking to the managers and employees and figure out a way to keep your staff happy, so that they don’t leave. Training another person to come into a job costs a lot of money, and this is a cost that be avoided with the right information.

  1. Helps You Understand Your Employees More – Keeping your staff happy and informed should be the cornerstone of any business. If the staff are not happy, then your business is sure to suffer. People need to feel a part of a company and more importantly, they need to be appreciated. This is just a normal part of being a human being. It’s important to have the information that a staff member is with the company five years and is due for a promotion. It is equally important that he or she gets the commensurate pay rise associated with that. A good RTI payroll system will keep you up to date with that.

  1. Look At Your Data With Date Visualisation – Many RTI payroll systems offer many additional functions that can prove themselves to be very useful for business. The RTI system offers graphs, charts and reports to help you visualise the information and make quicker and better decisions. You can print out a pie chart, a bar chart or a curved line chart and present them at meeting to prove your point and allow discussions on how to improve things begin.

  1. Custom Reports – All data is crucial if a business is to operate smoothly and you are able to understand and appreciate the workers that you have around you. Teams need to be informed and the RTI payroll system allows you to create reports so that everyone understands why you are making the decisions that you have.

A free RTI payroll system is the latest in technology to help you understand and appreciate your work force more. A happier workforce means  better profits and we all understand how important that is.