4 Reasons to Choose Steel Roller Shutter Doors to Protect your Business Premises


Regarding commercial security, one thing is for sure, you cannot afford to do without it, and for many businesses, the ideal solution comes in the form of made to measure roller shutter doors. Modern units are a far cry from their ancestors, with a range of attractive colours and motorised mechanisms that make operation effortless. If you have not considered roller shutter doors for your business, here are just a few reasons why it makes perfect sense.

  1. Affordability – Every business is striving to reduce costs, and with made to measure steel roller shutter doors, your premises are well protected, and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. The Internet is always a great source of information, and with an online search, you can locate a suitable supplier, and if they happen to manufacture the units themselves, you will be saving a considerable amount by cutting out the middleman. Some suppliers will supply the units made to measure and the customer can self-install, which will definitely save you money, and with easy to follow instructions, the kits can be assembled and installed by anyone with some basic handyman knowledge.
  2. Durability – Every component would be fabricated from galvanised steel, which means zero corrosion, and with the tracking mechanism cleverly concealed inside an attractive casing, there is very little that can go wrong. The inclement British weather demands a strong and durable finish, and with a choice of single or double skinned units, you can even insulate your interior against the biting cold of the winter.
  3. Motorised Solutions – Ask any older business owner about their shutter doors and they will likely remark that opening and closing the doors requires some extra muscle power, and while that may have been true a few decades ago, modern units are motorised, allowing for effortless operation, regardless of the weather conditions. This type of door will operate using a standard 3-pin plug, so there’s no need for additional electrical connections, and with a rugged remote control units, you can give one to each staff member, for easy access.
  4. Made to Measure Units – The days of standard sizes seem to be behind us now, even with commercial security doors, and this ensures that the units will fit like a glove. Typically, the units would be made to the customer’s specifications, which can be entered into the online order form, and should you require any assistance with that, the website would have a round the clock support service and someone can assist you with measurement details. Modern solutions allow for widths of up to 7 metres, and the height can be up to the customer, and by allowing for the overhead casing that conceals the rolled up shutter, the units do not look bulky and cumbersome.

When sourcing the ideal security for your business premises, it makes sense to opt for the latest type of steel roller shutter doors, as they provide you with everything you need, and prices are very reasonable.