3 Things a Virtual Reception Service Can Give your Business


Starting a new business these days is more challenging than ever before, and your entry in the digitally controlled business environment is fraught with risks, and if you can’t cut it within the first 6 months, the chances are, your company will join the thousands of others that never made it through the first year. The road to success is full of potholes, with lack of funding and inefficiency being the major reasons for bankruptcy, and in order to minimise the risks, the virtual office provider has an army of tools at his disposal that can really help any business, big or small. If you had never considered using virtual office services with your company, here are just a few of the benefits you can expect to receive.

  1. Effective Communication – With an experienced receptionist in your corner, you have all your essential communications covered. The trained receptionist will answer all incoming calls on the client company’s behalf, and all calls will automatically be put through to the relevant people, and messages are relayed using the client’s preferred media, which might include SMS, fax, or email. If you are based in the UK talk to Message Direct, the country’s leading virtual office provider, and with a range of affordable packages, you can transform your business.

  1. A Successful Image – Like a prestigious business address in the heart of London? This is possible with a virtual office provider, and not only that, should you wish to use their state of the art facilities for an important meeting or conference, it is as good as done, and with your signage, it will be your offices for a short period of time. Any company that can afford such facilities is automatically regarded as one the up and up, and your clients will have an added sense of confidence as they are dealing with winners. Calls are answered in your company name by fully briefed receptionists who are located at the virtual office provider’s premises, and can be instantly forwarded to the relevant people.

  1. Boost Efficiency – With everything in place, your business will immediately reap the benefits, and if you are busy in Hull and have an important call come through to your London number, it will be instantly put through to your mobile number and you can answer, with the caller thinking you are, in fact, sitting in your London office. If your business involves customer support and you have round the clock mobile service teams, a virtual receptionist can be the ideal hub to transfer all the calls to the relevant people, and this is an instant service, which can handle a large volume of incoming calls, with as many phone numbers as you wish. You might be about to launch a new product line and expect an influx of enquiries as a result of your aggressive marketing campaign, and the virtual office provider can either handle the entire thing, or just an overflow, should your receptionist be unable to cope.

This flexibility means any business can reap the benefits of virtual office services, and with more and more companies realising this, now is the best time to make the switch.